Welcome to Enjoy Life Church's new location in Greenfield at 3935-114 St. Edmonton, AB! We are excited about our new home & would love to show you around, so feel free to drop in during the week or for our Sunday meeting at 10 am! Parking is also available next door at St. Stanislaus school on Sundays.

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Welcome to Enjoy Life Church

We are a Christ-centered church believing in the Triune God.We are based in Edmonton, Canada. Leonard and Lorie Rutten, who lead the church, are originally from Canada, but have lived and been in the ministry in Tanzania and South Africa. Find more information on the history of the church in the About Us section.

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Work | Peter John Barclay (we apologize for the poor audio quality)

Enjoy Life Church Blogs

As we begin 2015

By Leonard Rutten

As we begin 2015 it feels like the world is somehow out of balance. 
For example, there seems to be a competition between the terrorist groups to see who can be the most terrorizing. Read this blog...

When Life Sucks

By Lorie Rutten
What is the root of questioning the purpose of our lives? There can be many but a few are:
Loneliness, Self-pity, Negative outlook on life, Mistrust in God's plans for us or illness?
Have any of these clouded your vision lately? Read this blog...

Is Baptism Still Relevant in our Modern World?

By Lorie Rutten

Why are certain traditions of the church still practiced in this day and age? Are we carrying on something that doesn’t apply to our lives and the world we live in now? Read this blog ...

Purpose vs Pleasure

By Liezl Eybers

God has recently added a couple to our eldership team at Highway Church. We are excited to hear that God has been doing a similar work at Enjoy Life Church International! It is the greatest privilege to be a part of this work at ELCI and we are very grateful that we are going to be present when hands will be laid on Russell and Helen Seaborne and they will be ordained.  
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